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Uwell Amulet Vape Pod System 370mah 2ml

Uwell Amulet Vape Pod System 370mah 2ml
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Uwell Amulet Vape Pod System 370mAh 2ml

Uwell Amulet vape pod system innovates the traditional shape and operating method, looking like a smartwatch while more superior to it. Uwell Amulet vape pod system is a perfect vape starter kit. What goes well with the eye-opening appearance is the excellent equipment, draw-activated mechanism, built-in 370mAh battery and humanized vaping settings, as a result of them, you are entertained with an optimal vaping experience along with pure flavor and abundant vapor.

Uwell Amulet Vape Pod System Main Features:
1. Watch-style starter kit, keep time, date, vaping in one
2. Built-in 370mAh battery with 5 protections, support re-charging by a micro USB port
3. Bottom filling system with a cap, leakproof and secure
4. Button-free operation, free and simple to use
5. Vertical bottom-to-top airflow design, effective to retain the original flavor and enhance the throat hit
6. Compact and portable, allow you to wear the strap on your wrist or carry it alone

Brand: Uwell
Model: Amulet
Material: PCTG, polycarbonate, silicone
Battery: 370mAh
Charging: Micro USB port
Maximum Wattage: 10W
Resistance: 1.6ohm
Capacity: 2ml
Operation: Touch screen
Features: Watch-style, rotating screen, multiple protections
Product Size: 4.77 x 3.35 x 1.72cm
Package Size: 7 x 6 x 4cm
Product Weight: 0.027kg
Package Weight: 0.1kg

Package Contents:
1 x Amulet Pod System, 1 x Micro USB Cable, 1 x User Manual

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