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Advken CP TF RTA 4ml 25mm
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Advken CP TF RTA 4ml 25mm Description:Advken CP TF RTA comes with a single-coil configuration, concentrating on mellowing the flavor instead of pursuing a vaping with rich taste. The top airflow system is effective to keep thuwikc from leaking while heating the coil. Made of 304 stainless steel, the..
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Advken Manta RTA 4.5ml 24mm with Glass Tube Standard Edition
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Description:Advken Manta RTA with 4.5ml capacity and 3 airflow holes on either side is superior in loading sufficient liquid to last a constant vaping and switching the vapor effect by unscrewing the AFC ring on the bottom. You are empowered to install one or two coils with the rebuilding atomizer b..
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Advken Manta RTA 4.5ml 24mm with Resin Tube Standard Edition
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Advken Manta RTA 4.5ml 24mm with Resin Tube Standard Edition Description:Advken Manta RTA consists of the stainless steel main body and resin tank tube, perfectly keeping the aesthetics and practicability in one. With 4.5ml capacity and 3 airflow holes on either side, it is superior in loading suffi..
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Alpha Style RTA 2.8ml 22mm
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Description:Alpha Style RTA is distinctive in a 316 stainless steel tube on the top of the 2.8ml PEI tank, acting on supplying liquid after running out of it and controlling the amount accessing to the heated single-coil deck, delivering a fresh and tasty flavor to you anytime you desire a relaxing ..
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Asmodus Voluna V2 RTA 3.2ml
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Asmodus Voluna V2 RTA 3.2ml Description:Asmodus Voluna V2 RTA is rich in a dual posts build deck and 3.2ml ijk capacity, which brings you a distinctive vaping journey from the simple rebuilding to constant enjoyment. Transparent glass tank tube is well qualified to perform its duty informing you of ..
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Asmodus x VapersMD Dawg RTA 3.5ml
-23 %
Asmodus x VapersMD Dawg RTA 3.5ml Description:Dawg RTA is a co-presented product by Asmodus and vapersMD. Constructed from stainless steel, it is able to bring you a stable performance in a prolonged lifespan. The coil deck comes with dual posts, which facilitates to fix the coil while rebuilding. A..
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Ataman V3 Style RTA 316SS 2ml 22mm
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Description:What jumps into your views is the lanky drip tip at the first sight of the Ataman V3 Style RTA, which facilitates capturing a tight taste. With the assistance of the bottom airflow system, it is capable of satisfying your requirement on the taste whether you prefer an intense or mellow o..
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Atmizoo VapeSnail V2 Style RTA for Billet / Boro Box Mod
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VapeSnail V2 Style RTA for Billet / Boro Box Mod Description:Atmizoo VapeSnail V2 Style RTA is the lastest atomizer option for the Billet / Boro Box Mod, different in the accessible build deck and replaceable AFC tube from the tank with liquid, changeable tastes between the MTL and DL thanks to 4 di..
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ATVS SR-11 Mini RTA 4ml
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ATVS SR-11 Mini RTA 4ml Description:ATVS SR-11 Mini RTA is suitable for ATVS CASTLE TC Mod Kit. Built with a Skynet coil inside with dense mesh and low resistance, it enables to transfer a refined taste to you. You can easily supply the 4ml tank after running out of the ijk benefited from the top fi..
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ATVS SR-11 RTA 5ml
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Description:ATVS SR-11 RTA is designed to match with ATVS BLADE TC Mod. You can refill the tank on the top after thuwikc inside is running out. It is heated by a super-low 0.15ohm Skynet coil with dense mech, which succeeds in capturing a mellow taste and intoxicating vapor. Plus the widened air out..
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Augvape Intake Dual RTA 5.8ml
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Augvape Intake RTA with Dual Coil 5.8ml Description:Augvape Intake Dual RTA is the enhanced version of the Augvape Intake RTA with a single-coil, making a great improvement in the heating area, ijk capacity and overall diameter, conducive to capture an optimized vaping experience with faster heating..
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Augvape Intake RTA 4.2ml
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Augvape Intake RTA 4.2ml Description:As to Augvape Intake RTA, there is a conventional configuration and untraditional performance. Particularly the top-to-bottom system, Augvape Intake RTA enhances your vaping atmosphere by turning the vapor path, direct and super-sufficient. You surely get a const..
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